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Our goal is to have you pass the MPJE two weeks after you purchase this product. We actually tell you to schedule your test for two weeks after you order.

Here’s what you get
Over 60+ MPJE QUICKCARDS covering Federal law.
Over 70 Questions and Answers for the State of your choice.
A Printed hard copy of the State Statues for each state ordered. ProntoPass USP Compounding Review Quickcards

Just want the Prontopass USP Compounding Review Quickcards?

What are the ProntoPass USP Compounding Review Quickcards? We have gone through the USP compounding standards (USP 795 and USP 797) and boiled it down to the information we believe is most important to help you pass your MPJE exam. With compounding becoming more important we believe that the MPJE and Naplex will expect you to know these.